Miss Butterfly's Stories: School Based Experience 1

Sunday, 11 March 2012

School Based Experience 1

celoteh efalovesukasuki

Wondered, am I qualified to be a teacher ?
Of course I'm qualified, but   CAN I BE A GOOD TEACHER?
Be a role model to my future studnets? 

Finished my SBE, Alhamdulillah. Everything just fine. =)

Thanks Mom, who always support me n give me spirit during my SBE =) 
Yeah, i know that U ARE THE SUPER SENIOR in that school =)
Respect U mom.
Love U

Till then~
Asssalamualaikum ^_^

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  1. waa waaa, best!

    tiba2 tharu baca part yg last tuuu. mcam kn nangis pulg. :DD
    kalau aku lah mama mu, nangis ku faa :') ANAK YANG BAIK ^___^


Thanks for the comment ^.^//