Miss Butterfly's Stories: February 2014

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Busy Week Ahead


*walaupun busy, menyempat updated blog, sambil menyelam minum air*

Hectic mode is ON. Assignments, projects and many moreeee are coming. I don't know what should I do first either eat, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep or start doing my assignments -..-

Ohemmgeeeee. Help me!
My calender for MARCH is "full house" ! Like seriously, semua benda nak kena buat before end of March. Kenapalah oi? Even I have no time  for me to take five and play flappy bird. It is okay Miss Butterfly, bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang senang kemudian. Okayyy. Saranghaeyo (tetiba -.-)

Aaaaaa~~ Got to go. I have one lesson plan to do T_T


Monday, 17 February 2014

Pre-Practicum Phase 1


Bila dapat whatsapp dari rumate, habis meja jepun, kerusi, kit BBM yang besar gedabak tu semua MissB tersepak. Tak pasal-pasal bengkak ibu jari kaki. Nak pasang brooch pun kemain menggeletar nye haaa. Obvious sangat nervous tu. 

Then, bila tau je dapat Sk Jelutong Penang, baru boleh bernafas dengan normal, but my hands are still shacking. Macam seminggu tak makan -.- Speechless and am thinking what should I do first? Blur tahap kameha-meha. 

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. 

Sebab diorang semua kata, sekolah ni dekat je dengan IPG. The pupils there, InshaAllah semua nya okay okay saja, termasuklah teachers and staffs. Practicum mates pun okay. Doa-doakan saja lah semua okay, dah lah MissB ni anti social *aaaaaaaa pengsan* T_T

Preparation? I think i made a right choice by buying last minute tickets last night! Kat rumah boleh ready mentally, physically and at the same time mintak restu berkat dan tips dari bonda dan ayahanda ;)

Should I? Errr >_<

I am looking forward to teaching Sk Jelutong's pupils. Doakan kami bakal guru ni ye!


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Spontaneous Thursday (1)


AirAsia, made my day ;')

Alhamdulillah. It was great! A BIG Thanks to Air Asia for the new route (Miri-Penang-Miri) which make my dream comes true. I was hoping for this route since 2010 and finally there it is! Thankyouuuuu❤ For the first time ever, i booked my ticket and it costs me RM180 for a return flight (28May-22June). Yay! Suka suka. Please maintain the price, so boleh balik selalu. Hihi ^^

What are you waiting for? Go to AirAsia.com and book yours! ^^


Wordless Wednesday (2)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Blog as therapy

Blogging is therapeutic.

It is not just a thing that u used when u are lonely, to share info, to acknowledge something or when u think that u are "an anti-social person" (so me, kadang-kadang lah HAHA) or what-so-ever. As far as i'm concerned, i used blog as my online diary (contoh share pasal study ke, love ke, about life lah), my blog is also where i can escape from reality for a while, and i feel free, free to write anything/everything. I loved to read all my previous posts, when i feel like wanna do some "throwback" (haha, doesn't mean that i am obsessed with myself) Memang best kalau baca previous posts, rasa macam "childish bangettt!" HAHAHA But . . Atleast i know that am growing up (lol) , because lately my posts are more serious and matured. Betul, ni memang betul, peningkatan usia kot? (wewittt) 

But, i just realized that, when i read my previous posts which was two years back, i admitted that blogging helped me to calm down my tempered (bukan lah hot tempered mcm mak tiri, lol) , but i usually blog when ever i got angry, upset or had problems (truth to be told). I felt relieved after blogging, at least i didnt release my anger towards other kann (moody lah, buat-buat tanak cakap macam bebudak) So, memang betul lah blogging is therapeutic. Yayy, takpayah membazir beribu-raban buat therapy. Feel free to sign-up, and create ur blog now! Eh promote pulak ^^

For me it is OKAY, to post/to write about ur "unsatisfiedness" (mind my vocab) in ur OWN PERSONAL blog, right? Tapi kena lah berpada-pada kan, know ur limitsknow what the Do's and Don'ts, tahu mana yang baik dan buruk, tahu mana yang patut kita share dan tak patut. Taklah semu benda nak share, contohnya cerita dalam kelambu pun nak bagitau kat semorang kan. 

Enjoy blogging


Monday, 3 February 2014

One word, one action can change everything

One word, one action can change everything.
Alahai, kenapa entah tetiba sweet sweet :') 

"Guitar", connecting us, am i right? 
It reminds me the first time we met, the first thing I gave to u.
And now, it unites us again. 
"Guitar" and me together in your hand.

i know right, i WILL always be the "biggest" star in ur heart. Haha