Miss Butterfly's Stories: May 2011

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

at home

celoteh efalovesukasuki

here! here! fire! fire!

ouh, just suits well. the time, that i'm waiting for err, about 5 and half months. i'm just here, at my home SWEET home, no other ^_^

one or in exactly way. many things that i SHOULD/MUST do

  1. jogging 
  2. playing badminton with mu lil brother
  3. swimming ^_^
  4. cooking
  5. go for a vacation
  6. balik kampung ibu
  7. studying To Kill A Mocking Bird & Oxfords things -.- 

btw, i miss my friends T_T

haha, i got from tumblr. i agreed with those statement, not missing the school, bit we  always miss seeing our friends ^_^

Friday, 27 May 2011

before the day

celoteh efalovesukasuki

sehari sebelum balik....

Outing bersama geng kaki wayang, hehe 

Morgirl Green , Gabriel Assan Saney, Momoy Farra, Adams Bryan, Noor & Izzy

movie yang terpilih ialah ...

by KRU production @ abg2 aku ^_^

boleh tahan best lah jugak cerita ni, apa yang penting Shahir hensem doe. *First time aku puji artis, sila terharu ye Shahir* dan aku terasa lah diri ku ini sangat mudah TERSENTUH ~ menangis tengok cerita seram. sengal nya T_T but betul lah reaction aku, dah part sedih, of course lah nangis sebab SWEET sgt sampai buat aku nangis. Tapi apa yang penting hantu  dia pengotor tahap dewa T_T , dah lah aku tengah syok2 makan roti la Boheme time tu. *ada jual roti ke kat cinema? opss! senyum tak mau kata apa apa ^_^* 

manakala Momoy, Izzy n Noor tgk movie

macam best, nak tengok. tapi lain kali  T_T

kemudian, sebaik sahaja hari dah gelap. itu menandakan kami harus pulang ke hostel.....


to be continued ~ ~

Thursday, 26 May 2011

almost the end

celoteh efalovesukasuki

"life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving"

such a nice quote isn't it?

Third Semester  will be the most toughest semester in foundation year.

preparing for my:
mentally, physically and psychologically 
during the three weeks holidays


never give up!


take one before leave ^_^

Monday, 23 May 2011

Penang Trip

Once upon a time, in a small island there lived a butterfly. One day, she was given a chance to join a trip with her friends, she felt really happy and excited. Lets join her for a journey at Penang Island ^_^

@St. George's Church Penang ( cute little snail & butterfly. hehehhe :p )

@St. George's Church Penang ( gloomy day with my an ordinary umbrella -.- )
@Masjid Kapitan Kling ( my insincere/fake smiling, haha . always tak pandai nak senyum. senyum kambing )

@ Masjid Kapitan Kling ( that phy. edu. shirt makes me look very "slim" -.- )
@Masjid Kapitan Kling  ( grrrrrr~ starving T_T )

@main door of Masjid Kapitan Kling ( oh fatty with ugly face -.- )
@Masjid Kapitan Kling ( so beautiful n antique, as the imam told us, some parts of the mosque were imported  from England O_O wow! )

@Chinese Family Heirloom ( sebenarnya Dragon Balls ada 7 biji semuanya -.- )

@Chinese Family Heirloom (didn't remember its name ^_^, but quite interesting)

@Chinese Family Heirloom ( Soter, u know aa, blaa~blaaa~blaaa . haha ^_^ssshhhh )

@Chinese Temple ( with Gabriel Assan Saney aka G.A.S hihihi )

@India Temple ( butterfly & kupukupu biru :p don't make that long face in front of me quoted by M.L  eheee ^_^)

@Little India ( ello amma appa, i want a packet of manisan ^_^ )

@Little India ( menyempat -.- )

the last but not the least, last destination right after before i was left alone (hyperbole utk menyeronokkan cerita)
@Dewan Sri Pinang Art Exhibition ( oil painting, sooooo expensive O_O gulp~ gulp the most expensive is almost RM138,000)

credit to  

for the pictures <3

Sunday, 22 May 2011

rainbow after rain

celoteh efalovesukasuki

 i want to draw the sun so that the  rainbow may appears

auchaaackkk >_

red is a strawberry
orange is an orange
yellow is a lemon
green is a pea 
blue is a blueberry

but when i looked up high in the sky what i could see is only me


because my life is full of colour
it depends on me what colour i want to choose

as well as our life
there many choices in front of us
it depends on us which choices we choose

but make sure u choose the right choice

I choose pink ^_^

luckily, there is no black 

because if u choose black


Happy Holidays FRIENDS ^_^

Friday, 13 May 2011

hug and kisses

celoteh efalovesukasuki

mommy daddy i need you!

hugs and kisses from both of you



your daughter had done all her assignments and course works too!


thanks a bunch to all my friends 

i hope this semester will end with a happy ending moment and story



here i come

miss u my room

(err~ merapu sudah)

p/s: fine, saya tak pegi odyssey sekeping hati <3 sebab praktis forum. hmm. alasan dunia, bila nak berubah. sedar tapi masih buat T_T 

sabar k.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

even worst

celoteh efalovesukasuki

pretend to be happy
by showing this FAKE face

i never thought the things gonna be this worst
so hard to do
don't know what to do

i don't know whether i make things worst 
makes the things WORST

she doesn't like her students sit and goyang kaki

fine as you wish

sabar k.

p/s: mungkin...saya patut pergi Odyssey sekeping hati <3

Ya Allah, buka kanlah pintu hati hamba Mu ini untuk mendekatkan diri kepada Mu

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

cara buat iklan heartbeat dalam blog

celoteh efalovesukasuki

Heartbeat ialah satu website untuk online shopping. Bagi sesape yang minat online shopping kat sana ada banyak barang yang comel comel gituu~ especially untuk sesape yang tak sempat nak beli hadiah kat Hinode shop ke kat kedang baran singgit satu ke (singgit je??) kat gift shop, ha korang boleh pergi ke laman web Heartbeat nih macam-macam ada taw ^_^

haa! lagi satu, untuk bloggers yang mana-mana belom tau yang kite (KITE je) boleh promote website/iklan heartbeat kat dalam blog kite taw.  sekali orang klik kita kan dapat RM0.04 sen. sikit ke? (oklah tu, ingat senang orang nak bagi duit kat kite, dah jangannnn banyak cakap) 

So, so ape? sotong =p hehe, so hari ni saya nak ajar korang 

Cara-cara buat iklan heartbeat dalam blog

1st - Daftar dulu ye

klik "Let us start"

2nd - klik "Create Account"

p/s: isi apa2 yang berkaitan, kira macam isi borang nak kawen gituu~ =p

3rd - klik "[MY HB!Affiliate]"

4th - klik " Get a code"

Lepas tuh, anda boleh lah letak CODE tadi kat add gadget and paste kan kat html ^_^ dan habis dah. yeayyy~ seterusnya, tunggu duet masok k. Sabar k. memang lembab sikit duit dia nak naik, sebab tak sume orang klik yaw ^_^

Credit to ~  1) 2DayBlogger.Com
                 2) Nurizspace

untuk pics kat atas tu (^_~)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Macbeth Dramatization

celoteh efalovesukasuki

Ready?? Go!

three hot witches with three different styles ~ ^_^

we are not weird , we're just LIMITED EDITION ^_^

witch wears "pinky keroks" and spells her magic words to her roommate "cook-cook everyday" hehe

THE SHENA's group! pahit manis semua adaa - spent time together for about almost a month. thanks guys you all are the best! WE had done our best ^_^

and now , here comes the best part~ the reunion of the witches from the three classes!

yuhuuuuu~ Hail . Hail. Hail ^_^

meowww~ meooow~

Done with English Studies assignment (Macbeth Dramatization,William Shakespears) now lets move on to the 2nd assignment (Forum) for Social Studies subject! yeahh. as usual, i am the lucky number 7 ^_^  pray for my group k ;)

p/s:  holiday is around the corner, i'm thinking what should i buy for my parents and sibling?? hmm ~_~

Sunday, 8 May 2011

lumrah kehidupan

celoteh efalovesukasuki

calm down n chill

everything was over ~


p/s:  rindu pulak nak berusrah :(