Miss Butterfly's Stories: i miss them

Monday, 21 June 2010

i miss them

celoteh efalovesukasuki

i miss these people !

c thumb n c nor 

c mieyra n c teyh


i do really miss these people :( i miss when the time we were gather together  !


i do really hate 'perpisahan' event for a short period .. 


i do really happy when we are study in the same place ! *tapi itu cumalah HARAPAN >.<


i do really  'menyesal' because i think that im 'mensiasiakan' holidayssssss yg diberi ! *arrggghh..kalau boleh kan..can i repeat it n make it more useful huh! deemiit !


i do really not ready yet to do anything everything !! please give me a month please please to settle up everything so that i can manage my time wisely and i know after that i wont be sad exactly  like today ! SUMPAH MENYESAL OKEY