Miss Butterfly's Stories: i miss u laa !

Saturday, 25 September 2010

i miss u laa !

celoteh efalovesukasuki

  • i miss my BEST FRIEND .
  • i do really miss her so much
  • she is my SCHOOLMATE for 5 years
  • she is my CLASSMATE for 3 years
  • she is my ROOMMATE for 4 years
  • she is my SPORTS HOUSE (pahlawan) MATE for 5 years
  • she is my GIRLS GUIDE's MATE for 5 years
  • she is my BADMINTON's MATE for 5 years
  • she is my TABLE MATE either during breakfast , recess , lunch , dinner or supper .
  • she is the one who understand me the most after my parent.
  • she is the one who i don not need to be hypocrite.
  • she and me LOVE pink !
  • she was born on JULY too (me 30th of july , her 24th of july) .
  • i told her everything ,  no secrets between us ! same goes to her 

theres a lot , too many to write to tell others about you , because u are the who i miss the most and i hope our relationship as BFF last longer :) amin.

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