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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

its a message for SOME PEOPLE :)

celoteh efalovesukasuki

1.why do other people easy fall in love to someone ?

2.why do some people not serious in their relationship ?

3.why do people love having a scandal ?

4.why do people let his/her self to be in love ?

and the answered is 

*kenapa aku sibuk sangat pasal others people ? hehehe

okay fine . actually i always think that

"people easy to fall in love then it is hard to find a true love"
betul tak apa yg aku try nak cakap ni ? betul la kan ? bila semua senang jatuh cinta , susah kot nak cari yang the TRUE one :)

then my advices :

  • try not to get involve in any "cinta monyet" relationship even though it was such a funny moments to remember (kalau dah tua-tua tu tak payah lah nak ada cinta monyet ni . why don't u be matured , its better right ? 
  • if you think he/she is the one , please do not ever have flirting with another guy/girl. 
  • jangan sesekali memberi harapan kpd guy/girl yg anda akan membalas cinta nya sbb nnt salah paham pulak . *hehehe
  • LOYALTY is the most important
  • playboy / playgirl is such a LAME !! paham :)
  • SCANDAL also LAME (==") serious . *jgn rasa hebat bila ada scandal

then , i think thats enough for today. 
fikir-fikirkan lah. jgn mainkan perasaan org yg suka kan anda + sayangkan anda . sebab tak ramai kot yg betul2 mcm 2 coz 3/10 , 
3 drpadanya is our true love then 7 is kriuukk~kriukkk love punya ! hehehe :)


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  1. bru ybca nie..LOL
    dunno wat 2 say cuz u r rite...


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