Miss Butterfly's Stories: Macbeth Dramatization

Monday, 9 May 2011

Macbeth Dramatization

celoteh efalovesukasuki

Ready?? Go!

three hot witches with three different styles ~ ^_^

we are not weird , we're just LIMITED EDITION ^_^

witch wears "pinky keroks" and spells her magic words to her roommate "cook-cook everyday" hehe

THE SHENA's group! pahit manis semua adaa - spent time together for about almost a month. thanks guys you all are the best! WE had done our best ^_^

and now , here comes the best part~ the reunion of the witches from the three classes!

yuhuuuuu~ Hail . Hail. Hail ^_^

meowww~ meooow~

Done with English Studies assignment (Macbeth Dramatization,William Shakespears) now lets move on to the 2nd assignment (Forum) for Social Studies subject! yeahh. as usual, i am the lucky number 7 ^_^  pray for my group k ;)

p/s:  holiday is around the corner, i'm thinking what should i buy for my parents and sibling?? hmm ~_~

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