Miss Butterfly's Stories: Busy Week Ahead

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Busy Week Ahead


*walaupun busy, menyempat updated blog, sambil menyelam minum air*

Hectic mode is ON. Assignments, projects and many moreeee are coming. I don't know what should I do first either eat, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep or start doing my assignments -..-

Ohemmgeeeee. Help me!
My calender for MARCH is "full house" ! Like seriously, semua benda nak kena buat before end of March. Kenapalah oi? Even I have no time  for me to take five and play flappy bird. It is okay Miss Butterfly, bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang senang kemudian. Okayyy. Saranghaeyo (tetiba -.-)

Aaaaaa~~ Got to go. I have one lesson plan to do T_T


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