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Monday, 11 April 2011

miss efa, teacher wannabe

celoteh efalovesukasuki

 TEACHER wannabe  :)

SK PADANG TEMBAK, PENANG <3 my first school visit experienced!

on my way to see the students - instead of confident outside, i was nervous inside

final touch up - i saw the students line up entered the ''hall''

oh my name tag MISS EFA- cute isn't ? hehe

          my fake smile haha - the students just in front of me. err~ 

i feel so confident with my yellow shiny pump shoes! haha

the year six students i guess =.=' (briefing/ice breaking)

after the briefing/ice breaking, we move into our own group which i was in the year four group. yippee! ^__^ i was so excited and NERVOUS! the students look brilliant and genius =.=' then, we continued with the pictures :

red shirt -one of  my student, his name Lennon, He was very hyperactive and he wanted to conquer all the activity, he was the leader either. He got tattoo okay, WOW! :O but just sticker one, chill. hehe

my leader for year four group, MISS KAS - our theme is BLUE HYPO, that's awesome and super duper cute. Credit to Donna & Afiq Amer, they worked hard to finish drawing and colouring the HYPO :)

my partner MR IZZY - my group, Group Two . The Winner of the DAY ^__^ weeeweee!

i was so happy! yuhuuu :D
even i got headache T_T i still smiling
i love kids
they cheer me up :)

cant wait,  years more to go
no more MISS EFA wannabe
i'll be the real MISS EFA
InsyaAllah :)

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