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Saturday, 21 August 2010

sedikit kecil hati

celoteh efalovesukasuki

waiting him for a day with full of  patience , then hoping that he can spent half / quarter of his time for me ,  just right after he  went through all his busyness. 

unfortunately , i was a LUCKY partner/girlfriend because , my patience that i put on him did not WORTH it ! 

when i told him that i did not ever mind if he did not spent time with , he BADLY did not believed me AT ALL . 

am i too honest ? 
am i too understanding ?
am i too kind to lie ?
am i too ... huh ! :"(( so sadddddd

HOPING . i wont be hoping anything from you , because i know that i might be hurt . really hurt .

*if u read this , i am not hoping that u immediately text me or call me , because what i had learnt today was . never hope something that can make u hurt . imissyoubadly :((

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