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Monday, 25 October 2010

i don't give a damn

celoteh efalovesukasuki

this is a temperamental entry . i had warn u !

you must give me a reason why you had done this to me ? i don't know what is your problem being so irritating (+) annoying sangatsangatsangat in front of me. you treat me like i was nothing and i was a toy , maybe a barbie doll *urgh !

i like you but at the same time i hate you. your face , your attitude , the way you talk to me , the way you walk , make me so sick of it ! not because i am jealous , i am telling you the truth. why don't you do the muhasabah diri for a minute , think what had you done at the past and apologize for your wrong doing.

actually i don't like to talk to you, but i was forced to talk. i can't stand with you anymore , why  you keep on appearing in front of me ? *crying inside

tears wasted just because of some unresponsible human beings

why you don't ever understand what i am trying to say?
i know the reason,
because of me , right ?

you don't like me !
enough is enough . just shoo shoo out of my life . as simple as ABC ~

i don't give a damn just because of you  *menyampah

p/s : thank you for reading my short  expression of feelings ^__^

*entry kat atas tak ada kena mengena dgn org kat IPG atau mana yg dah hidup ataupun dah meninggal dunia , it was just -half part of mine-

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