Miss Butterfly's Stories: this is real me

Saturday, 2 October 2010

this is real me

celoteh efalovesukasuki

there is a voice inside which speaks and say : "this is real me"

I sit in the classroom
Very quiet and shy
People use me
Take advantage of me
And rip me apart inside
I let it roll of my shoulder
But the real me screams to be unleashed
The real me wont tolerate it
And Wont take it
I want to let it out
But I am afraid
This so called inside of me switches roles at home
I disrespect, ignore, and argue with my elders 
And that is what leads me down the wrong road
I want to switch roles 
But then people would call me fake
And that would just make my life even more disappointing
I just want it to STOP

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