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Friday, 9 July 2010

my 2nd LDV lecturer !

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Today I did not attended the second class of English Language Development because I need to go to the hospital for checkup. The doctor said , my skins got infection  which was caused  by bacteria . I  got the bacteria from my mattress ,so for precaution my senior gave me an anti bacteria spray  and sprayed  over my mattress.
          After  that,when i was just came back from the hospital my classmate told me that we had new English Language Development lecturer. I was so excited but unfortunately i t can’t attended her first class.  
         The name of my new lecturer  is madam rokiah mohd som. She is a very pleasant lady. She herself has many brother and sister,she is the last daughter from eleven siblings in the family. She is rather  tall for a lady which is about 156 cm,in her  40’s years old , and i find her really slender. She puts on a litttle make up in very discreet manner. Though  young and attractive in appearance , she is dignified and reserved. She is sometime strict but never too severe or stern. Her patience is wonderful she will never ever give up. Through her true story , shows that she is strong and she believes  that people can do anything that out of our mind only if we are  defenitely aim what we want to achieve.
          Madam rokiah first degree was in UK in the Laucaster Unicversity about two years. She told us that actually she did not even expected that she will become a teacher because she never choose being a techer as her carrier. She actually wants to be a stewardess.   Anyway , she likes to be a teacher but she dont like the environment as a teacher , that can be proven when she had moved from one school to another school in every three years.  
            Almost everybody has some kind of hobby . madam rokiah can’t swimming so she deserve  dancing as her hobby. She loves traditional dance which is can relax her mind and make her  feel better  after  busy working.specifically , she does not like outdoor sports , she is more to indoor activity.  Besides , she loves to read books but she does not has specific favourite writer. She commonly reads romantic books such as loves story and she loves watching scary movies. Her favourite drink is sky juice and she loves to eat fruits.
            Last but not least  , she has target for this year 2010 which is she wants to save more money.  Then , from the short introduction about madam rokiah makes me impatient wait for her next class. 

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