Miss Butterfly's Stories: floating in the air

Saturday, 27 November 2010

floating in the air

celoteh efalovesukasuki

me                : how u find your true love ?

snow white   : through a true love's kiss

me                : how did you know he's the one ?

snow white   : when he continued my duet songs ^__^

me                : wow ! did u n him go for a date ?

snow white   : a date ? what is it ? a stranger word . hm

me                : u n him , having dinner together just the two of you , talking about like and dislike . did u ?

snow white   : oh , a BIG no ^__^

me                : i noe that we were different , u in a fantasy life , i mean fairytale . but how about me ? i was in a                       reality , the real world *sigh

damn sweet <3

it was not a big deal either u were in a fantasy or reality life because true love is always be in the end of the story and will live happily ever after <3  -efazulaikha-

p/s : idea fully from otak efa ;) sebab sangat terpengaruh dengan fairytale semenjak menghabiskan masa bersama sama adik ku si judin  ^__^ sambil type ni ,terasa floating in the air , yuhuuu ^__^

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