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Monday, 14 March 2011

doing nothing

celoteh efalovesukasuki

i am so into wasting the time. grrr~ this is not so called live your life to the fullest! this is what we call LAME and B to the O to the R to the I to the N to the G. BORING. 

hey! how dare u, theres a bundle of assignment in your bag! its already MONDAY
i don't  have the mood to start doing my assignment. uwaa. T__T i wanna go out. but i don't want to withdraw my money again and again and again. grrr~! Luckily, to those going back home they can save MORE money compare to us/ ME especially~ ''kalau bonda tau , mampuihhh i'' 
okay,TOMORROW i'll start doing my assignment okay? ^__^

i don't have the holiday spirit because i can feel the burden after the holiday. oh dayymm~

you are on the next phase where there are too many obstacles that you need/MUST gone through until you realize that u are very tired and feel like crying everyday every night "sampai lecturer pun tanya, kenapa mata awak tu?''  

 nota kaki

nak kerja nak kerja nak kerja nak kerja . tak sabar nya . nak kerrja kat sekolah depan rumah so boleh tengok rumah,bilik aku dari tempat/bilik guru/sekolah aku kerja nanti. yeayyy~! hehe. NAK SANGAT SANGAT NI. dapat posting kat sekolah tu. PLEASE:) im hoping plus begging (dengan harapan pihak kementerian baca entry aku -__-)

 as i'm addicted to "ROTI BOM CAFE BAWAH" ~ yummy

p/s: i want to eat. i want to eat. i want to eat. cake indulgence @ secret recipe! please! ^__^ 


  1. hehehehe efaaa . sama la kitaa . wasting time sajee . =.=''' pffftt diz iz so not coolll . kann ?hmm

  2. not so wasting time.. write the blog is good enough. May be Blogspot akan bank in elaun kalo ada rezeki.. tungguuuu..

  3. haha . si kakak memang sangat2 me-WASTING-kan time nyerr . ngekkk :p but,but,but , this blog really awesome !!! hehe ;) jealous3 :p

  4. bertuahnya kalu kementerian baca post ya


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