Miss Butterfly's Stories: the F word

Sunday, 13 March 2011

the F word

celoteh efalovesukasuki

i am so sad

i was not hoping u know what i feel but i want you to realize that what makes me happy is "APPRECIATE" :( is it too much? please don't ever broke my heart as the Mock exam did last week. it was hurt, when the heart was broken into pieces, gam gajah can't help me either! eat a lot does help me, but I AM ON MY DIET OKAY! daymmm~ i can't overcome my sadness. its all your fault shitttissslilmonkeydonkeysiputtt !!!  congrats because u had spoil my holiday :)

p/s: i just don't wanna say the "F" word because u're really "S" :(


  1. bawak btenang efa. tarek napass . hmbusss . hihi

  2. hihih , yeahh , lepas marah org baru tenang rasanyaa . hehe :P


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